About us...
Dr. Deems D. Morrione is a writer and scholar of American popular culture (sometimes he even gets paid for it).  His ambition is to write a Generation X manifesto, but he can't seem to muster the interest to do it.  Robert K. Morrione is a former studio bureaucrat, actor, and writer.  His favorite part about working at a movie studio was that it put him in such close proximity to the Hollywood Glitterati that he could see the very rough edges (particularly the plastic surgery scars). Combined, they are the List Watchers--a dynamic duo not so much interested in fighting crime as they are in chronicling it as the drama unfolds.
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Our co-authored works:
"Barfing Your Guts Out:  Horror Films and the Gross-Out Scale," Strange Horizons, Oct. 31, 2005

"Scared Shitless:  How to Rate the Creep-Out Factor in the Horror Film Genre,"
Strange Horizons, Nov. 7,2005

The Hollywood List (Sadly, as yet unpublished book)

When You Have Stars in Your Eyes, Hollywood Is the Universe (Unpublished play about the rise of Louise Blanford and her megalomaniac friend Marilyn Mableman)
Our single-authored works:
Deems D. Morrione, "When Signifiers Collide:  Doubling, Semiotic Black Holes, and the Destructive Remainder of the American Un/Real," Cultural Critique, Issue #63 (forthcoming)

Deems D. Morrione, "Orwellian Reversals and September 11, 2001:  A Review of
Other American Voices,"      H-Net Humanities and Social Services (November 2003)