About Louise...
   Louise Blanford was born in an unspecified year which qualifies her to be of Baby Boom age in a backward little town known as Bartholomew, Arkansas.  In the late-seventies, she met megalomaniac/New York trustfund brat Marilyn Mableman, who was on her way to Los Angeles to go to film school and assemble an acting troupe/cult.  Since Louise hated her town and everyone who lived in it, she signed her soul to the Devil and got out.  At first, Marilyn (Louise's acting guru/benefactor/only real friend) thought it would be easiest to put Louise over as a pop singer--she had a decent singing voice, was beautiful (especially on camera), and would do anything (or anyone) Marilyn asked her to do.  Her first great success was in 1979 with the #1 single "Love Attack," which was followed through the early-1980s by several other top-ten singles (and albums) with the word "love" in them.  By 1985, she was a pop singing sensation, and her song "Total Control" was the biggest selling single worldwide that year.  As a result of her commercial success, she and Marilyn (who, with uncredited others afraid of suing, wrote most of the music and lyrics) won many important music-industry awards for her album Total Control.
  Though she had starred in several "indie" films which Marilyn had written and directed (chief among them was
Rickets, a four-hour drama about a woman living on the Louisiana Bayou, a story as sluggish as the subject matter and acting as toxic as the water in which the movie was made), her real break came in 1985, when she won a Golden Globe for Best Newcomer for her performance in Mableman's A Woman of Questionable Virtue.  The film was greeted with mixed reviews from critics, but due to the copious nudity, made over $100 million domestic in box office reciepts.  Louise Blanford's film success continues until this day, and was honored with her first Academy Award for her performance of "Senator Caroline Baxter" in Mableman's The Senator.
  Louise has been on Broadway many times and has two Tony Awards for "Best Actress."  Her first was for her role as "Eleanor of Aquitane" in Mableman's musical version of
The Lion in Winter, her second as "Mary Haines" in Mableman's musical version of The Women.  A former action star/ex-husband of hers alleged via certain mean-spirited Hollywood gossip columnists that one of her Broadway performances was so bad that it killed someone. This was in reference to her unfortunate portrayal of "Margaret White" in the Mableman revival of the musical trainwreck Carrie, where an elderly man died just before the second act.  Marilyn compensated the family with an unspecified million-dollar settlement, and neither of them took responsibility for the cardiac arrest and death of the old man (a legal technicality being their disclaimer which warned people with heart problems not to attend the show).
                                                Trivia and Fun Facts
*Louise is in the Guiness Book for being the most married woman on earth
*Louise has dated nearly every one of her co-stars publicly, and some covertly
*Louise has ten children (only two, her twins, have the same father)
*Louise is known in Hollywood circles as the "List Monster" because she feels that she alone has the right to determine who should (and more importantly) who should not have careers in show business.
*It is widely believed that Louise coined the term "squeeze out" as a means of "thinning out the Hollywood herd" (it is believed that she and her cabal of Hollywood bullies engineered a "squeeze out" of Debra Winger just because she was cast in
Terms of Endearment, a role Louise wanted)
*Louise has more $100 million box office hits than any other actor in Hollywood
The Louise Blanford Diaries