Unsolicited Advice to the Famous
*VH-1 Development Execs, just stop!  Not every aging supermodel, drug addicted child star, American Idol failure, overweight rock singer, tragically unfunny circuit comedian, or Omarosa deserves overtime on their fifteen minutes.  Please be a little more selective.
*We're bored with Lindsay Lohan/Hilary Duff already.  However, we'd pay good money to watch them ring Ashlee Simpson's bell with a golf club and a trash can lid.  Hey, VH-1 execs--interested?.
*Would someone rein in the so-called "Hollywood Bad Boys?"  It was mildly entertaining at first, but they aren't getting any cuter (or younger) and it's really starting to grate on our nerves.  Have a little class boys.  No more blackcents, Alan Funt/Benny Hill rip-offs, stunt shows, or tacky Hollywood boy fantasies (we know how you really got the part; too bad they won't show that on Entourage). 
*On the remake phenomenon:  are there no writers in this town?  Quit selling us used goods.  It's okay to revisit old material with new ideas upon occasion, but all too often it's just Gone in Sixty Seconds.
*HBO--shame on you!  You canceled a funny, intelligent, and honest appraisal of show business yet you force us to endure a silly, tacky, slow-witted Hollywood circle jerk (like, say, Entourage) which just gets worse with each lame episode.  I guess we can hope The Comeback will come back on DVD.
*Oprah, you're not Sophia.  You don't even know a Sophia. Do you really think it counts as racism when you show up at Hermes half an hour after closing and they don't let you in?  Get your private plane off the tarmac earlier and you will still have plenty of time to pick up gifts for your celebrity friends at posh European department stores well in advance of your dinners with them. 
*Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI), Rambo 4, and Rocky the Musical.  Sylvester Stallone, have you lost your mind?  What?  No Rhinestone 2: Still Sparklin'Tango & Cash:  The Retirement BeatStop! Or My Mom Will Shoot the Musical?